“Are you serious about content creation as a full-time business?
If so, this is the book for you.”
- Joe Pulizzi

Everything a content creator needs to become a
full-time successful content entrepreneur.

Get The Content Entrepreneur book today.


From “the godfather of content marketing” comes business-changing insights from 33 experts on the proven way to build a content business.

In this comprehensive guide for serious content creators you’ll find critical strategies to accelerate your success as you move from content creator to content entrepreneur.

NOTE: Profits from this book go to help children who need speech therapy (Orange Effect Foundation).

Return/Refund policy. There are no refunds or returns for this book because...it's a book. Come on now! That said, if you are really dissatisfied with the book email Joe at joe@zsquaredmedia.com and I'm sure he'll come up with something.

The Content Entrepreneur walks you through the entire content creation process, showing how to

  • Start and setup your content business
  • How to choose your content niche and platform
  • Which technology to choose (including leveraging AI)
  • Strategies to build and keep a loyal audience
  • How to repurpose your content
  • Create a marketing plan for the long run
  • Generate multiple forms of revenue
  • Plan for long-term growth
  • Set the right goals for your business and family situation

By Content Entrepreneurs.
For Content Entrepreneurs.

This comprehensive guide includes over 40 chapters from 33 of the leading content experts on the planet ranging from audience building to revenue generation. The authors of this book have “been there, done that” and share their years of experience to help you become the content entrepreneur you’ve always dreamed.


Our All-Star Lineup includes:

Joeri Billast
Bernie Borges
Katie Brinkley
Diane Burley
Gina Carr
Dr. Rebecca Achen
Marshall Atkinson
Michelle Peterson Clark
V. Scott Ellis
Tracy Graziani
Erika Heald
Dave Hertig
Mark Hicks
Mark Homer
Rob LeLacheur
Angela Long

Dr. Terri Lonier
Jim MacLeod
Michelle Martello
Marc Maxhimer
Sarah Miller
Pamela Muldoon
Brent Peterson
Brian Piper
Annie Schiffmann
Dr. Robert C. Worstell
Dotty Scott
Sara Skullered
Brian Stout
Mike Whelan, Jr.
Matt White
Justin Williams

Apply the methods laid out for you in The Content Entrepreneur, and, before you know it, you’ll be running and growing your own profitable, scalable content business.

The Content Entrepreneur

This book is for individuals who want to create content for a living, build an online audience, and make enough money to support themselves and their families. Enter your best email below to grab my intro chapter. 

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