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3 Killer Content Strategies (plus my 2024 travel tips)

Are You Willing to Give? Are you or someone you know looking for an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children who struggle with communication? ​The Orange Effect Foundation (OEF) may be the place for you. OEF provides $100,000+ annually in grants for children who need speech therapy or a device to aid […]
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2024 Predictions (Plus My Top-20 Movies to Watch)

Robert Rose and I put forth (again) our annual predictions of what we believe will happen in content, marketing and media in 2024. You can catch the entire This Old Marketing predictions episode here. My friend Dennis Shaio did a deep dive into our predictions, and even had ChatGPT grade them. Robert received higher grades (of course), but […]
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9 Actions to Take Before 2024 Drops

Are You Useful? Several subscribers to this newsletter recommended I read the new book by Arnold Schwarzenegger called Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life. I absolutely loved Arnold’s Netflix documentary, so I immediately downloaded the audiobook for Be Useful and listened to it on my outdoor runs. Overall, I enjoyed the book. While the concepts aren’t new (Arnold says […]
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Last Week’s AI Soap Opera: Everything You Need to Know

The Complete Rundown at OpenAI I’ve spent the past few weeks in AI content purgatory. The week of Thanksgiving, Robert and I recorded, and then re-recorded the This Old Marketing podcast as the struggle for OpenAI went down in real time. You can listen here. If you are interested in what happened at the most important […]
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Killer Content Productivity Tips

Last week I attended an event in Las Vegas called 20books (renamed Author Nation for 2024). I came away inspired. As an author of eight books (seven business books and one novel), I was able to speak and listen to authors in multiple fiction genres who have published 20, 50, even 200 books. Some of these authors were cranking […]
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The Website in Year 2024

​My new website is complete. Special thanks to Michelle Martello from Minima Designs for such a bang-up job. We made a few significant changes and I wanted to share some detail on the what and why. 1. Get rid of the “Bob Dole” problem. Most personal websites are written in the third person. My previous website was “Joe […]
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