Terms and Conditions

The following “Terms and Conditions” govern the relationship between https://joepulizzi.com/ (hereinafter referred to as “the website” or “us” or “we”) and users and/or subscribers of the website. It represents the entire agreement between the website, its owners, agents, and representatives and users/subscribers of the website.

PLEASE READ THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS in their entirety and be certain that you understand the parameters of your use of the website and its contents. By accessing any or all parts of this website and/or newsletter you agree to comply with these “Terms and Conditions”.

DEFINITIONS: The following terms shall have the meaning set forth below throughout these
“Terms and Conditions”

1. “Content” shall mean any and all visual, audio, text or images displayed on the website, regardless or form or format.

2. “Educational purpose(s)” shall mean the use of website content for self-education or in a non-profit academic or scholarly environment. It shall not include any “for profit” enterprise or event, including but not limited to tradeshows or public performances/presentations for profit.

3. “We”, “Us”, “our” and/or “the website” shall refer to https://joepulizzi.com or https://joepulizzi.com/newsletter the website, its owners, its agents, and its representatives.

4. “You”, “Your” and/or “Client” shall refer to any and all subscribers, users, or viewers of
the website. It shall also include any agents, representatives or other entities that have any
relationship to the client.

The website shall be the sole and exclusive global owner of:

1) All content appearing on the website; and

2) All rights related to the content appearing on the website including but not limited to copyrights, trademarks and patents.
3) No person or entity shall have any rights in or to the content (or rights related to the content) of the website unless set forth in in these “Terms and Conditions”.


1. Client may use the content appearing on the website for “educational purposes” only.
If the website content is used for a public “educational purpose” proper accreditation and citation shall be made to the website and its authors.

2. Client may not, in any manner, sell, transfer, give, loan, copy, publish, and/or appropriate (in any format or form) any content from the website, or rights related to the content.

3. Client may obtain a written license to use website content for non-educational purposes prior to client’s proposed use of the website content. Client should contact us at: infoat zsquaredmedia dot com to request approval of a written license.

We reserve the right to terminate any client’s access to website content, if in our sole subjective opinion client engages in any conduct that is detrimental to the website or other client’s use of the website. Conduct shall include actions or the posting of content to any forum hosted on the website.

The following is a non-exclusive list of prohibited conduct and or content:

1) It contains or links to nude, pornographic, or adult materials;
2) It condones, contains or promotes harmful links to hacks or other piracy related
3) It is grossly offensive to the community including but not limited to expressions of
racism, bigotry, profanity, violence, obscenity or harassment;
4) It exploits children under the age of eighteen (18);
5) It infringes or violates the copyright, patent or trademark of another;
6) It promotes or indorses any criminal activity or enterprise;
7) It limits or prevents other clients from accessing or using the website;
8) It involves data mining, data harvesting, data extraction, or data scraping or any other
similar activity;
9) It attempts to violate these “Terms and Conditions”.

The website is provided to clients “as is” with all faults. All content and opinions expressed on the website are for general educational purposes only and are not advice. Every client’s situation is unique. Content and strategies on the website are illustrative and not intended as specific advice for any client. Content and strategies that have been successful for one organization may not be successful in all organizations. Client may not rely upon any content on the website for the client’s own purposes.

The website makes no warranties, either expressed or implied, with regards to content on the website or accessibility of the website by client.

The website, its officers, directors, owners, agents, and employees shall not be liable to client (or client’s officers, directors, owners, agents and employees) for any loss or injury resulting from client’s use of the website.

Client shall indemnify and hold website harmless, to the fullest extent permitted by law, from and against any liability, cost, demand, cause of action, and/or damages arising out of, or in any manner related to client’s breach of these “Terms and Conditions”.

Website shall not be responsible for any delay or interruption (or failure to provide) of services caused by acts of God, war, fire, flood, storm, earthquake, power failure, or other similar events that are outside the control of the website.

If any part or provision of these “Terms and Conditions” is adjudicated invalid or unenforceable, then only such part or provision shall be invalid and shall not affect the validity of other parts or provisions of these “Terms and Conditions”.

These “Terms and Conditions” shall be construed and interpreted according to the law of the State of Ohio without regards to the rules of the conflict of laws.

Client and website voluntarily submit to the personal jurisdiction of the courts located within the State of Ohio. Any dispute arising between client and the website shall be initiated and maintained in the appropriate court within the State of Ohio. The appropriate courts within the State of Ohio shall have exclusive jurisdiction over a dispute between client and the website.

No waiver, by either party, of any provision in these “Terms and Conditions” shall constitute a waiver of any other provision of these “Terms and Conditions”.


Website may, in its sole and subjective discretion, amend, change or alter any part or provision of these “Terms and Conditions”. Such action may be made by the website without notice to client. Any action contemplated under this paragraph shall be effective upon posting to the website. Client’s continued use of the website shall constitute client’s full, voluntary consent to these actions. It is client’s responsibility to check for such actions.

These “Terms and Conditions”, as they may be updated from time to time, represent the complete agreement between the website and client and they supersede any other oral or previously written agreement.

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