Why was that decision made?

Found while walking around Phoenix, Arizona (3/10/19).

My wife Pam and I went for a beautiful walk while we were in Arizona and happened to bump into the above location (turn your images on so you can see it). It’s a non-smoking shelter next to a smoking shelter.

We looked at it for a while…dumbfounded. “Why was that decision made?” we wondered. Someone was very passionate about separating the smokers and the non-smokers in this waiting area. They must have worked diligently to make it happen. And then it happened.

Normally something like this would be case closed…except for the fact that they put the smoking shelter immediately adjacent to the non-smoking shelter, rendering the decision null and void by proximity alone.

How did someone not ask, “Should the smoking section be a bit further away from the non-smoking section?”

Just another reason why we teach our kids to question everything. I’ve learned most people don’t question anything. A tragedy.

This brings us to our content spotlight of the week, called The Science of Fasting, a documentary available on Amazon Prime. If you choose to watch it (it’s less than an hour) you can decide whether or not you want to believe it, but the evidence is compelling.

Basically, fasting for a period of time, from one day to 21 days, does amazing things to the body. At one location, two-thirds of all patients were cured of their illnesses after fasting (ranging from hypertension to diabetes to even more serious issues). Some hospitals who focus on cancer treatment are now looking into fasting before chemotherapy (apparently fasting protects the good cells from the chemo treatment and renders the cancerous cells weaker).

If you aren’t buying this, I totally get it. I’ve never heard of the power of fasting before. I’m especially intrigued because I know a number of people that take a cocktail of pharma products every day. What if fasting could change that?

Why haven’t we heard of this? The question is answered toward the end of the documentary…there is no money in it. Very few entities will cover the costs of major studies, and then pay to market the results. Big Pharma doesn’t want any of this out in the open. Most hospitals don’t like it either.

Anyway, it’s worth the watch (free of Amazon Prime).

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