This Old Marketing Podcast with Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose

This Old Marketing Podcast with Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose

Facebook Invades Australia (259)

 This week Joe and Robert cover the big news that, after the passage of a media bargaining law, Facebook bans all media companies from its app. Shock abounds, with a number of sites that are “not” media companies being affected. YouTube tries to be more like TikTok and Snap and launches a number of […]

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Clubhouse to Get Clubbed? (258)

 It’s our annual “rip apart the Super Bowl ads” show, which may not mean much since viewership sank to a 15-year low. Twitter announced stellar earnings, including a possible subscription plan roll out. In addition, Twitter is getting aggressive with Spaces (their Clubhouse competitor). Facebook’s getting into the mix as well. How much time

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Hubspot Does the Hustle (257)

 Twitter was abuzz this week when Hubspot announced their purchase of newsletter/small-business media company the Hustle. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. That said, everyone is very happy (except tech companies and traditional media). Clubhouse, now worth a billion dollars, says it’s getting into the subscription game. Good idea? Maybe…but a better idea

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When SPACs Attack (256)

 The big news of the week was Twitter buying Revue, a Substack competitor that launches Twitter into the subscription business. What could save or kill the media business? SPACs! Media SPACs are off to a roaring start for 2021, with no end in sight. Rolling Stone does a Forbes and starts a pay-to-play “culture”

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The Content War for Creators Has Begun (255)

 Forbes announced the launch of their own version of Substack, a paid newsletter program driven by independent writers. As the war for content creators heats up, rumors swell around Apple launching a podcast-plus subscription program to compete with Spotify for exclusive (and walled off) audio content. And as the fight for creators continues, media

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