Why was that decision made?

My wife Pam and I went for a beautiful walk while we were in Arizona and happened to bump into the above location (turn your images on so you can see it). It’s a non-smoking shelter next to a smoking shelter. We looked at it for a while…dumbfounded. “Why was that decision made?” we wondered. […]

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Is Writing a Thing?

Thanks to everyone who sent feedback after Random Newsletter #1. It was all very positive, which is great, but I think it was more ‘good to see you back Joe’ rather than ‘this is an amazing newsletter Joe.’ Either way, I’ll take it and I’ll keep improving. It’s funny…just a few days after I released

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Baby it’s …

Well, my one-year sabbatical finally came to an end. It was one of those life altering experiences. The LinkedIn post I wrote about it received some good traction. Some people suggested I write a book about it, but I’m not sure there is enough there. A local Cleveland news station just interviewed my family about the experience,

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